Legal services
Professional legal services for property brokers

Professional legal services for property brokers

We offer comprehensive legal services
to real estate agents and brokers in relation
to the brokerage of property transactions.

Our services

We regularly support real estate agents and property brokers with the following matters:

  • Obtaining materials from the Land Register in relation to specific properties.
  • Sale brokerage contracts.
  • Reservation contracts.
  • Contracts for sale, contracts for future contracts of sale.
  • Contracts for the transfer of a share in a housing cooperative.
  • Contracts for escrow, both in relation to monies and documents.
  • Money escrow.
  • Lien contracts including other related encumberments.
  • Contracts for the creation of easements or servitude.
  • Tenancy agreements.
  • Individual training and consultations with regard to legislation.


We prefer simplicity and transparency. Ordinarily, for standard types of transactions, we agree on fixed fees with our clients. For non-standard requests and transactions where we are not able to estimate the volume of our work on the basis of previous experience, we will agree on an hourly rate and a framework budget.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please contact us by email or

Why work with us


We have in-depth knowledge of property transactions.

The field of real property is one of MKA Nosko’s areas of expertise, and our top lawyers practice in this field. We ensure that our team is highly skilled. We do not use students or new trainees to prepare contracts; we use lawyers with many years of experience.


We deal with non-standard situations and we are available immediately.

We prepare contractual documentation in accordance with clients‘ needs and in accordance with up-to-date legislation, ordinarily by return. We are able to respond to your requests practically immediately.


With our clients, we build long-term relationships which are based on trust.

For our clients, we are partners who they can approach at any time, and who are always prepared to help. We have been working with most of our clients for a number of years.

How we work

Ordinarily, we communicate with each client on an individual basis and by the means preferred by the client. However, typically our cooperation with property brokers works as follows:

1. Receipt of instruction

You instruct us by email, phone, or via our eAdvokacie online system to draft contractual documentation. In principle, all that you need to do is describe the property, provide details of the buyer, purchase price, and method of financing, and we will obtain the rest (ownership certificate, acquisition titles, maps from the Land Register, owner’s declaration).

2. Preparation of contractual documentation

Normally, we will send you a draft of contractual documentation within two working days. However, where necessary, we can respond within a few hours on the same day. If, when drafting, we come across something which needs to be added or resolved, we will contact you with a suggested solution. We will incorporate potential comments from the other side and agree on a final version of the documentation.

3. Completion and conclusion of the contract

You are welcome to sign the contracts with your clients at the offices of MKA Nosko at our prestigious address in the center of Prague, with comfortable facilities and helpful support staff (the office is open every day from 8 am to 7 pm, and at other times as agreed). We will always have a lawyer available with a register of declarations of signature authenticity. You can thus deal with everything in one place, during a single visit.

We have been offering legal advice since 2003. In more than 17 years, we have facilitated hundreds of property transactions amounting to several billions of Czech Korunas in total. We share our legal expertise with all types of clients and work with maximum care. Our clients include independent brokers, as well as large estate agents.

If you are interested in working with MKA Nosko, or require an individual quote, do not hesitate to contact us. Arrange a meeting in person at our offices or send us an email to or call +420 233 375 542.

You can also contact us via our online legal advice system, eAdvokacie.


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